Production Assistant at PRI's Science Friday. Former reporter at KWBU 103.3 FM in Waco, Texas. I love radio, ice cream sundaes, and QUEENS. I've produced stories on Benjamin Franklin's sonic experiments, the call for more bike lanes in Waco, and super cool data visualizations.
  • Michio Kaku Imagines ‘The Future of the Mind’

    A “brain pacemaker,” videos of our dreams, and an internet of human emotions. Michio Kaku explores cutting edge research that sounds like the stuff of science fiction. 

  • Ben Franklin: Sonic Explorer 

    An NYU PhD candidate recreates a sound experiment Ben Franklin first attempted over 240 years ago. 

  • Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Unknown Number Killed 

    Contributing to a report on the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion for NPR. 

  • A growing number of people are biking in Waco, and they don’t feel especially safe. 

  • Orangutan skype sessions provide a way to connect mother and child at Waco Zoo. 

  • Eloisa and Nick Haynes face an uncertain future. Eloisa, who immigrated to the US from Mexico as child, learned that she could be deported despite being married to an American citizen. 

  • One Texas man is debunking camel myths and bringing to light a little known experiment in U.S. Military history. 

  • Meet the Mohawk Behind NASA’s Curiosity Mission 

    Bobak Ferdowsi, the man with the mold-breaking mane seen round the world during the Mars Curiosity landing in 2012, has become a science communicator for all things space. 

  • Making Sense of Science Infographics 

    An examination of this visual and ostensibly data-driven medium and its potential to mislead. 

  • 10 Questions for Mark Mello, Moth Man 

    Promoter of citizen science and lover of moths, an interview with this lively and dedicated scientist. 

  • Chasing Time Machines: A Photographer Turns High Energy Physics Into Art 

    Photographer Stanley Greenberg traveled the world to document the enormous machines that are used to study the tiniest particles. 

  • Picture of the Week: Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

    A look at bio-inspired flight with the “Mavericks of the bat world” as part of’s Picture of the Week series. 

  • Picture of the Week: Monarch Butterflies 

    For’s Picture of the Week series, a look at the mystifying formations of wintering monarch butterflies. 

  • How Dogs Are Helping Us Understand Ourselves 

    How dogs are giving us insight into human health from neural tube defects to obsessive compulsive disorder.